What's the Difference in 360 wig and Full Lace wig and Lace Front Wig

September 03, 2020

Lace front wig:

lace in the front, and this is back side,all this back part is machine made,only the lace in the front is hand tied,so this is the lace front wig.

360 lace front wig :

This size,is all hand tie,bust in the crowd,can you see the track here, all this track is sort by machine.It is not hand tied,is machine made.So it refuced the time to make one, and the cost is less to buy a full lace wig.



Full lace wig :

The full lace wig, this one is all hand tie,you need to tie all the hair on the lace ,it cost much more time,longer time to make one wig.And this crime is elastic,this size is elastic,you can see this size, in the middle.


Full lace wig :https://bit.ly/3jyOeK4 

360 lace wig :https://bit.ly/3lCcE7r  

Lace front wig:https://bit.ly/2YSvPzX   



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