Processing Time:

Typically, the processing time for wigs on our website is 2-5 business days. However, certain items such as new arrivals and full lace wigs may require 7-15 days, as specified in the wig description.

Please note that processing time does not include shipping time. If you require urgent delivery with express shipping, kindly reach out to us beforehand to confirm the wig's availability for immediate dispatch.

Customized wig processing generally takes 7-15 days.

Knots Bleaching:

All lace wigs come with lightly prebleached knots, excluding special units like knot-free wigs (knot-free wigs have well-bleached knots).

For 360 lace wigs and full lace wigs, knots are bleached only in the frontal area, unless you request prebleaching for the entire cap. In such cases, please contact us.

Color Difference:

Color variation is inevitable due to the natural differences in raw human hair, whether for natural black or colored wigs. Manual dyeing of colored wigs ensures uniqueness, and there are no identical colored wigs. Color perception may differ based on angles, lighting, indoor/outdoor settings, or device displays.

Wig Length:

Wig length refers to the original straight hair length. For curly and wavy hair, measurements should be taken when the hair is stretched to its straight form.

Wig Style:

Website photos showcase the final styled look by the model or hairstylist. Customers have to style the wig according to their preference. All lace wigs are shipped with a default free or middle part, except for pre-styled wigs. The wig part can be restyled according to the lace area. For detailed wig texture information, please contact us for photos.

Customized Units:

Before ordering a customized wig, contact Customization incurs a fee, and processing time is approximately 7-15 business days. Customized wig sales are final, and returns or exchanges are not accepted once shipped. Customization fees are non-refundable for order cancellations.

On Sale Units:

All on-sale wig orders are final, and we do not accept returns or exchanges.