Step By Step :Updated Bleaching Knots Technique


①Using the 2 full scoops of BW 2 power as usual and a full scoop of forty developer,drop them into a bowl,mix them.

②Add some water if it is too thick, do not add more, or make the roots blonde.

③Hold the wig,and use the thumb pointer and middle finger and just kind of hold it in a nice dirty position.

④Paint down slightly pressing into the wig, do not press too hard because a more harder you press ,it is going to seep onto the roots.

⑤Wait about 10 minutes then please wash it clearly with the shampoo.



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Hair details: 180% density, lace frontal wig, 28inch




Customer reviews :

 Step By Step:Updated Bleaching Knots TechniqueStep By Step:Updated Bleaching Knots Technique


“I absolutely love, love this wig. The hair is a great quality. The length is was accurate. I get compliments on her every time I go out. The knots bleached very well. Shipping was fast; arrived in 4 business days. The seller provided great communication . I will definitely be ordering again.”