What You Need to Know When Laying Lace Wigs

1. Lay Your Hair Flat

One way to keep your hair flat under the wig is to weave the hair into 6-8 corn cobs directly back. Another simpler method is to divide the hair into two parts from the middle. Weave these parts so that you have 2 regular weaves. If your hair is very long, just cross the lice and place them flat on both sides.

2. Wig Caps

The wig cap is completely optional under the lace wig. Some people like this hat because it creates an extra barrier between the hair and the wig. Others simply wear the wig on their hair without a hat. It all depends on you.

3. Cutting The Lace

We have a lot of questions about how to cut lace. The best way to cut the lace is to dispense the fake on it and pull it down so that the hairline of the wig is in front of your natural hairline. Pick up your scissors and cut them along the lace to match your natural hairline.

4. Parting The Wig

Lace front, full lace and 360 wigs can all be parted in any direction you'd like. Lace mimics the appearance of a natural scalp. Your new wig may not be lying flat at first. However, you can use a hot comb to separate the hair in the direction you prefer. You can also use a scarf to tie the wigs together to keep the parts in place.

5. Styling The Baby Hairs

All our wigs are equipped with baby hair to ensure a natural look. You can gel them like solidifying your natural baby hair.