4 Things Maybe Cause Your Human Hair Damaged

1. Use Styling Products Too Heavily 

Products that accumulate on the hair make it look greasy and unwashed. One of the great benefits of wearing a wig is to avoid the appearance of greasy hair, so it is important not to cause this to happen due to excessive hair gel, mousse, etc. Products should be used with caution, preferably no more than once a week.

2. Too Much Heat Styling

As we all know, thermal styling will make your hair more fragile and will break more easily over time. As you might imagine, if you don't use any thermal protection, the situation will be worse.

3. Lack of Moisture

If you don't have the best moisturizing effect, your hair is more likely to break, so make sure your hair gives them the love they deserve.

4. Brushing Hair When Wet

Keep in mind that hair is most likely to break when wet. This does not necessarily dry the hair, but it can make the head brittle and cause the entire strand to break.