WHAT LACE? NO BABY HAIR! MELTED! Invisible Swiss Lace Wig Review

Being Christina is reviewing our invisible skin melt lace wig 24 inch 180% in silky straight. She has worked with Afsisterwig for two times and always feel very satisfied with our products. This time she tried a skin melt lace wig. So what is skin melt lace wig? Let us look the video together.

Afsisterwig’s new arrival Skin Melt wig: Invisible Swiss lace & Invisible knot wig.

The Skin Melt Wig is totally beginner-friendly, in the past three months, we have been making our best efforts to adding more density options, perfecting the plucking the hairline, adding the removable elastic band and optimizing the bleach Technic to provide the perfect products.

1. INVISIBLE KNOT: A new knotting method will create the most undetectable look, the hair just looks like growing from your real scalp.

2. INVISIBLE SWISS LACE: We upgrade our lace into Raschel net and bobbinet made of polyamide.The reason why we choose high-end swiss lace is that even with much higher price, it can be more invisible and undetectable especially when melting with glue. No matter what skin color you have, this skin melt lace will definitely match.

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Wig in the video: https://bit.ly/349net3

Skin melt wig: https://bit.ly/2YfTjfg

Review from True Customer


The hair is soft and smooth with amazing lace, recommend.

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