How to Make Your lace wig bigger and smaller.

If you wear a wig often, there might be some size issue bothering. Exchanging is so troublesome and a waste of time. Actually, some size issue of your lace wig can be easily fixed.

First, let’s talk about how to make your lace wig smaller, available for lace front wig of Afsisterwig.

We can simply use the elastic bands and adjustable straps of the wig, just like the elastic belt of your trousers.

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They helps tightening the wig from the back of your head, so that your frontal will look more natural and flawless.

Then, let’s see how to make your wig bigger.

The stretchy area on both sides of your wig, there is a little band from a little hole.

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Step 1 We should go inside the little hole and pull out the band a little longer and cut down that little piece in half. Please make sure to hold on to both pieces and don’t lose them inside;

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Step 2 Take another band and cut it into an applicable piece;

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Step 3 Sew the extra band with the one of the wig on both sides, then you get an extra size of the wig.

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Finally, we can make a small cap wig work for the head.

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