Knotting Techniques in Human Hair Wig Making

It doesn't matter whether it is your hair growing out of the scalp or hair wig as long as it looks natural and suitable for you.

Lace wigs, also known as lace front wigs and full lace wigs, are more natural than traditional wigs. The lace around the circumference of the wig cap looks like a natural hairline.

Today Afsister will show you the techniques of knotting and different kinds of knots when ventilating wigs.

Tying hair on lace is called ventilating. The tool is a very small needle with a hook at the end which is called a ventilating needle. 

The wig maker have to keep the hair with good tension , so he or she normally wrap it around the ring finger.Look at the bellowed picture:

Knotting Techniques In Human Hair Wig Making

Human hair has “scales” on them so all the hairs need to always be used in the same direction as it once grow on someone’s head. So the worker needs to keep track of it unless the wig will be impossible to comb.

Sometimes it will get stuck.And the worker does not give up and just keep going!!!


Knotting Techniques In Human Hair Wig Making

There are two kinds of knots—single knot and double knot and the main differences between them are as followed:
1. Workers just put natural single knots at the hairline , because single knots need a lot of handwork to make a full hand tied wigs in factory increasing the cost of hair products.

2. Single knots are not as durable as double knots, it isn’t fixed enough which will makes the lace prone to shedding compared to double knots.

3. Sometimes customers request heavier hair density for their lace wigs, then workers make double knots with more hair strands per knot to meet the density requirements.

At the end, you can get a perfect lace, just like the followed picture:

Knotting Techniques In Human Hair Wig Making

This illustration shows the steps of the knot:

Knotting Techniques In Human Hair Wig Making
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