How to Cut Lace off Lace Front Wigs

When you have a new hair wig, it usually comes with excess lace that hangs over the forehead. You must to trim it back into the wig to get the most natural looking. Today Afsister will show you how to cut the lace off of lace front wigs.

1.Place the wig on the mannequin head or you can place it on your head to make is easier for you to cut.

how to cut the lace off a frontal wig

2.Clip the hair on either side using large hair clips and make sure there’s no hair hanging which will keep any stray hairs from being cut.

human hair lace front wig

3.Cut a straight line across. Hold all the hair back and take a pair of sharp scissors to create a straight line. Cut as close to the hairline as possible as you can. Without cutting the knots and just going a little bit at a time. Adjust the clips as necessary. Sometime you might have to go back and trim up a little bit closer.

cut the lace off human hair lace front wig

4.Check the trimmed lace to ensure that there are no jagged edges. Make sure the lace is cut completely even, especially around the forehead area.

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