Snikiwe’s Favorite Bob lace front wig ever

Olivia| Human Hair BOB Lace Wig | Silky Straight

The bob wig from Afsister is so amazing. Ms. Snikiwe, one of popular YouTuber from South Africa, loves it very much.  

It’s so cool. She can either put a head scarf on so as to make her looking cuter.

Or Ms. Snikiwe could make it more natural. Just treat it as the own hair, laying it down without any other finishing. It’s absolutely a good choice without damaging your own hair and changes hair styles as much as you want.   


Olivia| Human Hair BOB Lace Wig | Silky Straight


With all of hair wigs she has reviewed, Ms. Snikiwe definitely loves the cut, which gives her strong senses of fashion and shinning. In terms of the hair quality, it’s very luxurious. It feels like a silk and even almost no shedding and tangle at all. Also, it feels very comfortable. Ms. Snikiwe is really impressed with this hair wig. She truly recommends this hair wig to all of customers.

As for the packaging, it’s so elegant. Ms. Snikiwe definitely loves it. Besides, it just took two weeks to ship. She is really satisfied with the delivery time in contrast to any other wig company she has ever cooperated before.

Afsister really appreciates Ms. Snikiwe’s recommendation. As one of the leading hair wig company in China, Afsister specializes in the production and distribution of human hair products. With years of constant progresses, we’ve developed main products lines of lace wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions. Afsister strives to become the benchmark for the industry.