How to Install the Blonde Bob Wig

Today, AFsisterwig is going to show you how to install this beautiful blonde wig from AFsisterwig.

The Youtuber's Tutorial:

 This wig is from Afsisterwig, and it’s really cute. Her name is Beyonce wig.

 I’m really excited to try this one wig. Today, I’ll bleach it, install it.


First, I put some bleach on the wig, and I’ll check it after about 35 minutes.

     How To Install The Blonde Bob Wig

After the bleaching and washing, I’ll cut the lace. I put some foundation on the lace to make it more natural.

     How To Install The Blonde Bob Wig


Then I flatiron it so as to make it more silky. After that I work on the baby hair. I use a toothbrush to swirl the baby hair to make the hairline more realistic.

        How To Install The Blonde Bob Wig


And here comes the final look.

    How To Install The Blonde Bob Wig


If you want the same look, click Beyonce to get the wig.