New Method to Apply Full Lace Wig

Recently, full lace wig has become a popular fashion trend for makeup women with different styles. However, how to wear the full lace wig perfectly on earth? That seems a quite essential part for makeups to consider and study more.

Generally speaking, people usually prefer to put the glue all over head to make it fix the wig better. Actually it’s not a good way to the wig and your own hair. Neither will it show a nice looking . And today we are going to introduce a fantastic method to help you wear the full lace wig and show a different style.

OK, Girls. It’s Stunning time now!

New Method To Apply Full Lace Wig

Product Using:


Glue: Got2b Glue

Step 1:Preparation

Wash your own hair especially the scalp with soap and water to ensure the application area is oil-free. After drying, just start to put some creamer and hope it will be a barrier between the glue and your head. It’s a better way to protect your own hair.

Step 2: Glue on the hairline

Now you can use got2b glue on my hairline. It looks crazy alread!

Tips attention:

A little used brush could be the best tool to make the glue stick evenly.

New Method To Apply Full Lace Wig

Step 3: Cap Use

Now you can take the wig cap and put this over your head. A lot of people put it over the ears and cut the extra then. After this, try to use the glue again to put it on the top of the cap. Pay attention to this part is that you only need to put some on the top but not all the cap. And this is the key part during the tutorial.

Step 4: Dry and Cut

And now just blow your baby hair and make it dry. Then cut the extra part of the cap including the ear.

New Method To Apply Full Lace Wig

After finishing it, you can put a little bit more creamer on the top of the cap to make sure it will look nice and more flat. Finally dry it again.

New Method To Apply Full Lace Wig

Step 5: Wig Wearing

Great! Wonderful dealing~ And now it’s time to wear your beautiful wig. Today we are going to put this pretty ombre blonde wig for example.

New Method To Apply Full Lace Wig

Tips attention:

Glue back between the ear and the front cap. Then take a tooth brash again and get some glue to lay down the baby hair.

New Method To Apply Full Lace Wig

Then try to trim the baby hair well to make it look more natural.


Step 6: Wig Curly Styling

New Method To Apply Full Lace Wig

For the wig style, especially like the bob colorful ombre wig, you can put it in different curls and different side parts. But it’s not suggested to pluck any hair. Just keep what she was and what she is. That may be the best way to looking shinning we suppose.


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