How to Maintain The Natural Wave Style.

Whether your wig is naturally wavy or you make it yourself, it usually takes a bit of stimulation to keep it wavy.Here are some simple tips to help you stay beautiful throughout the day.

Natural waves, like curly hair, require special attention."The trick after washing is to avoid" damaging their effects and keeping them in perfect shape.""" after shampooing, don't make your hair stiff with a towel, but try to keep the water as light as possible." "

First, try blowing your waves dry.A hair dryer can greatly reduce hair waves.Try to let your hair dry naturally.Of course, this option seems unthinkable in winter, so there's another option.Add a little trick to your dryer and put it on the cold air option so you can guarantee your waves."

Once you've made the perfect wave, you need to make sure they stay there all day."" styling products guarantee a perfect appearance and lasting wear.The definition of curly hair is the best friend to your hair.It brings definition while protecting your waves from humidity.Apply the product to your wet hair so you can design your waves as you wish.Nature and flexibility, your waves will be sublime from morning to night."

Our advice: when styling, don't use combs and other brushes as they will only "break" your curls. Use your finger as a brush to define beautiful waves.