February 17, 2020


  • Apply the wig cap,cut a hole in the ear part and untuck your ear.
  • Place the Got2b free spray where you feel like it needs, spray a little by little, repeat this step twice.
  • Use the foundation that matches your skin tone to the wig cap.
  • Use scissors and cut the wig cap as much as you can untile you like how it looks.
  • Try the wig on to make sure it's how you need it to be, make sure if you need to cut the wig cap more.
  • Cut the lace. Cut towards the middle of the hairline, then cut it in a zigzag motion.
  • Use the ghost bond glue, dab the smallest dots from the middle, use the rat tail comb to brush it back.
  • Plece the wig.
  • Wet the hair, apply some mousse and style the hair.
Wig in the video:
New Skin melt wig:
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Wig sku: AF0102
Hair length: 18"
Hair density: 150%
Cap construction: 13X6 lace front
Customer review:

The hair is of great quality. very beautiful and the order came in very fast. The seller is very friendly and she communicates with the buyer all the time. I really appreciate this. I love the parting sapce of this hair, it 6 inch so long that I could style it. I'm in love with this color.


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