Salon Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers Curlers


Salon Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers Curlers

Great alternative to velcro, these rollers come in 10 pieces, all 7-inches with 6 thickness types. Perfect for curling short, medium, and long hair.

Sizes: Using seven different rod sizes your hair can be styled anyway from tight to wavy curls.

Color: Color random, can‘t choose the specified color

Premium Material: Soft and lightweight foam rollers designed to smoothly grip your hair without pulling on it and causing no damage to your hair.

Flexibility: These hair rods can be easily molded into different shapes so you have the freedom and fluidity to style your hair however you want

Easy to Use: Effortlessly create pretty curls at home with wet or dry hair. You can sleep or go about your daily tasks while wearing them. Wet hair & blow dryer yields instant curls.

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