This the story of one of Afsisterwig's customers. 


 Hey, you guys, this is Lisa. I'm here to share wit you my experience of wearing  wigs in the public.

Well, we all know, it’ easy to wear a wig , but not so easy to make it look natural.

Today, I’ll share how I wear a wig to make it really natural.

So, how do I start your process with the wig?

 First of all, I have to make sure that, all of my natural hair practically not existent, and I always use the wig cap to achieve the purpose. The easiest way that I like to wear my wig is by braiding the hair of the back, putting it in a bun, twisting it in a really flat type of thing, also I’m going to put my hair up very quickly.

 When I apply the wig, the only thing you should keep in mind is where the center is, and it’s easy because there is a center comb.

 The wig is put on, and it’s pretty well. Then it’s the time to style it.After styling, you can also put a headband or scarf on.

 And when I first started wearing a wig, I didn’t feel comfortable and confident, but right now, I just feel it were my hair. Friends always can’t tell it when I’m with wig now.


Thanks for the sharing from Lisa. Afsister insists on high quality, and is aimed to refresh the hairstyles of American girls.


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