1. What is the difference between human hair and synthetic hair?

Synthetic Hair: Burning smells like a burning plastic, there is a small flame, and feels viscous when it burns out.

Human Hair: Burning smells like a burnt fragrance, human hair burns out very quickly, and feels like coke .it also easily becomes ash.


  1. Why is your hair so cheap?

Because we are just a hair manufacturer and we sell hair from factory to customers directly, no middlemen. Also, our marketing strategy is “Quick Returns and Small Margins”, so we want to offer quality hair with reasonable price.


  1. What is natural color?

Natural color is the tone of virgin hair.It gradual changes from 1b off black to #2 dark brown.


  1. What is the difference among your European hair, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair and Indian hair?

Hair Quality: European hair >Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair > Indian hair.
Short Hair Ratio: European hair < Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair < Indian hair. Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair are thicker and stronger than Indian hair. Peruvian hair & Brazilian hair & Malaysian hair hold curls better and behave better for dying than Indian hair.


  1. What is the difference between Yaki straight and Silky Straight?

There are many small curls on Yaki hair, so Yaki hair feels coarse. Silky straight is very straight, silky and smooth.


  1. What do these signs (+30days) (+4days) mean?

It means that is a custom made order and our workers need 30working days or 4 working days to process before shipment.


  1. What do “no part closure” “middle part closure” and “three-part closure” mean?

No part closure means the closure is free parting and you can part your hair anywhere by yourself.
The middle part closure means the closure is with a visible middle parting that we made in advance, but you can still part your hair anywhere.
Three-part closure means the closure is with visible middle parting, left parting and right parting that we made in advance, so you can switch parting very easily.


  1. what is the parting space for your lace front wigs?

Our lace front wigs have 3 inches parting space in the front.


  1. What is hair weave/weft?

Hair Weave/Weft extensions are wefts of human hair sewn on to a flat track.They are typically associated with braid weaves to make one's hair appear thicker or longer.


  1. What is hair closure?

Hair closure also called top closure is actually a small hairpiece which is usually used to match weave on style.According to a different base material, hair closure is generally classified into lace closure and silk closure.Silk closure is more natural.


  1. What is Micro Loop Hair Extension?


Micro Loop Extension is also called Micro Link or Micro bead extension.It is a strand by strand technique attached to your own hair using tiny links, locs, or shells that can match hair color or be clear.


  1. What is Clip In Hair Extension?

Clip in hair extension is a temporary extension that can be quickly applied.One pack of clip in contains several weft hair pieces with some clips attached. Clip-ins can be worn all day and all night; however, they must be removed before sleeping.


13.What is full lace wig?

Full Lace Wig is a lace wig that human hairs are all ventilated on French lace, Swiss lace, PU or other bases.So it is all handmade work and more expensive, but it looks very natural.You can part your hair anywhere as you want and wear high ponytail.


 14.Can I straighten my curly hair?

We don’t recommend to straighten curly hair because it may cause hair problems like shedding and tangle.So had better remain the same curly look.


15.Can I dye my curly hair?

For virgin hair, yes you can dye it, but curly hair is not easy to operate by yourself, so please let a professional stylist help you and don’t do that yourself. For Malaysian and Indian hair we don’t recommend you to dye.


16.Do I need to wash my hair before wearing it?

Our hair is very clean and neat, so you don’t have to wash your hair at first when you receive it.For curly hair, we don’t recommend you to wash because it may ruin the curly pattern.


17.How to maintain my curly hair?

  • Choose a shampoo & conditioner that suit your hair type.

Curly or coarse hair probably wants frizz-minimizing and softening shampoo.

Colored or treated hair probably needs a shampoo that's fortified with extracts or amino acids.

  • A proper way to deep condition curly hair.

Deep condition at least once a week with cold water.Apply moderate the conditioner starting about an inch down from the root all the way down to the tips of your hair, Wait about 15 minutes before rinsing, then use a wide toothed comb working up from the tips to the roots so your hair.

  • Proper way to blow-dried curly hair.

After washing the hair, towel off your hair slightly, just enough to stop the dripping.Don't rub your hair with the towel.Start blow drying at the top/roots, about six inches away from your scalp with a low-temperature setting.Work your way down and leave your hair a little bit damp. (Tips: If you want some lift and volume, use your hands to comb your roots up and blow-dry).

  • Styling curly hair

Shape the hair by scrunching it some more and twirling pieces around a finger.

Avoid using brushes and narrow-toothed combs and avoid touching your hair as much as possible.This can separate your curls and lead to unwanted frizz.

Don’t straighten curly hair because it may cause hair problems like shedding and tangle.We also don't suggest to dye the curly hair.Because the curl won't keep after coloring. Color hair with a professional stylist help if you need it.


18.How to care for my hair? Any suggestions?

  • Co-Wash your Hair. Co-wash hair with a conditioner at least once a week. Use cold water to make it shinier, lock in moisture, reduce frizz.
  • Blow-dried and Don’t Let it air-dried.The longer the hair swelling goes on, the more pressure it puts on the delicate proteins keeping hair intact, which can lead to more damage.
  • Seal Your Wefts or knots Before Hair Install.Seal wefts or knots will prevent shedding and make hair tight. Pls applying the sealant to both sides of the weft.
  • Use Wide-Toothed Comb. After you shower, try using a wide-toothed comb. Or, use your fingers, rather than a brush.
  • Protect That Hair From HEAT. Use a heat protectant spray, oil or serum when you use heating tools.
  • Tips to Root. When taking your comb, brush, or fingers & start at the tips of your hair and work your way up to the root (weft) of hair.
  • Deep Condition. After serval installation, a deep condition is necessary. Good conditioner or deep conditioner is needed. Try shampoos that do not contain sulfates or parabens.
  • Wrap It Up. Remember to twist, braid, bantu-knot, flexi-rod, roller set, rod set, or wrap your Hair before sleep.
  • Don’t swim in the Sea. When your hair is installed this may make your hair dry and tangle badly.


19.What is bleached knots?

Bleached knots help make the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp. When hair is tied to the lace, there is a dark knot where the hair is secured. Bleaching or "lightening" the knots reduces the visibility of this knot. On off black (1B) and dark brown hair, the knots are lightened to a light brown shade. Very light brown and blonde and shades usually do not need bleached knots. It is not possible to bleach knots on jet black (#1) hair, and is very difficult to bleach knots on 1B hair.


20.what is the glueless wig cap?

On glueless cap, there are combs on it, to avoid the wig slip down.also, at back, there is an adjustable strap, you can adjust it to fit you well.


21.what is silk top?

Silk top is made by 3 layer lace, the knots hidden in the middle of the 2 layer lace, the hair looked like it rise from the scalp.


22.Are your Wigs made of real human hair?

YES. All of our wigs are made of 100% real remy human hair.


23.What are Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs are manufactured with a thin lace that extends from one ear to another across the hairline.

Lace front wigs are made similar to a regular lady’s wig along the back and sides of the unit.

There is extra lace in the front, and you need to cut the lace along the front of the unit. The goal here is to create a new hairline. You can cut part of the lace, as you want it adhesive to the lace/your new hairline. Once the wig is applied, you will have on a full hair wig - but the front of the hair wig will not be like a regular wig. The wig appears like real hair that is growing out of your scalp.


24.How to identify the human hair and synthetic hair? 

Identify the material:

1). Burn/Singe the hair and smell: Choose a small strand of hair and burn it. If the hair is 100% human hair, it smells like a barbecue; if not, it smells like plastic. After being burned, the hair will be like as the followed pic:

2). Check the ashes after the burning of the hair. If the hair is 100% human hair, you can twist the ashes and turn it into powder; if not, the ashes will remain intact.


  1. What’s your Natural Color? Is that similar to color #1B?

No, all the Natural Color hairs comes from one donor which are in their natural state. Different donors have different hair color, so the natural color varies from color #1b to color #2.(Dark Brown to Brown)


  1. Does your wig have Baby Hair around the perimeter?

Yes, all of our wigs are pre-plucked that have baby hair.


  1. How can I apply a wig?

First of all, pin your hair up. If your hair is long, separate the hair into two pieces, and braid them. Cross the two pieces behind your head, and clip them across the top. Shorter hair can simply be clipped to the top of the head, or placed into a bun at the back of your head. You could also braid your hair before applying a wig.

Put on a wig cap. Use a wig cap on hair of different length to ensure a smooth appearance . Even if you are bald, please use a wig cap which can keep the wig on.

Put the wig on your head from front to back. There are two tabs on each front/side of the wig. Position them right in front of your ears. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect right away. Go ahead and style/brush it the way you'd like it to look.


28.Will I look natural with the human hair wig?

Yes, you will look very natural with our lace wigs because firstly the hair is hand-tied to the lace which will make the hair look exactly like growing from your head.

Secondly, the hairline of our human hair wigs is very natural as if they are your own scalp.


29.How long will I receive the order after payment?

Normally it takes 1-3 work days to process your order, and another 3-5 days to reach you by Fedex, UPS or DHL.


30.How to track your order after shipping out?

You’ll receive an email with tracking number after you place the order. (Please leave us a valid email to ensure that you can receive the message)You can track the shipping information on DHL & FedEx website with tracking number