Why You Need to Wear Hair Extensions?

Every woman will have a different reason for this hair styling choice. Here are a few that we know about:

    • Saves time – Hair extensions make it easy to style hair quickly and save time.
    • The length – Greater hair length can be achieved with extensions that would normally not be possible with natural hair.
    • To cover up hair loss – Sometimes a weave is worn to cover up bald patches, or even hair loss due to health reasons.
    • Protection – Hair extensions protect the hair and help it grow and gain thickness.
    • To give the hair a break – It’s a good idea to give your real hair a break from relaxing and braiding. Hair extensions provide that opportunity.
    • Hair in transition – When transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, many women start by getting a weave, then allow their natural hair to start growing out.
    • Social acceptance – Society often portrays a beautiful black woman with long, voluminous hair. Since many female celebrities wear weaves, this only reinforces society’s standard, and many conform in order to be accepted.