Why Do Wigs Tangle More Often Compared to Your Own Hair?

Imagine you got a gorgeous new wig that is definitely worth of value as it’s long and it’s real human hair. You are really satisfied of the bargain. However, the truth is your cheap wig is constantly tangling. Almost everyone who has worn a wig say that this struggle is real. Here Afsister give you some tips to prevent this issue and to detangle.



Why Do Wigs Tangle More Often Compared To Your Own Hair



A variety of reasons can be considered as for the issue of tangling. We need consider the wig quality first. What kind of chemical or color it actually used or wrong after use treatment is quite important to be concerned. For example, If the hair has been laid down in wrong direction, then it’s more likely to tangle. In addition, most all wig will tangle more often in compared to real human hair because your scalp produces natural oils that keep hair from drying out and getting rehabilitate from damage.
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