Tips on Human Hair Wig Care in the Summer

Summer is here, and that means the heat has arrived as well! Wigs are a creative way to look the way you’ve dreamed of without doing any real damage to your actual hair.

But, the only problem that we have with wigs in the summertime is that they can be hot and sticky on your head! Human hair wigs probably get the most trouble flourishing in the summertime, since the wigs use actual human hair which makes them more substantial than regular wigs. There are steps you can take to make wig-wearing more of a pleasure in the summertime.

  1. Avoid direct heat

Make sure to keep them away from any other heat sources, such as an oven, boiling pot, curling iron or hair dryer. These very hot items can cause damage to real human hair wigs, making the hair frizzy and over processed. 

Don't leave your wig in a hot car or trunk for an extended period of time. If you are going out into the hot sun with your wig, wear a large hat to help protect it. Keep your natural wigs lasting longer and looking healthier by keeping them away from excessive heat this summer.

  1. Choose a shorter look

Try out a shorter style during the summer. Long wigs that cover the nap of your neck prevent air circulation, which can get hot after a while. Try a style that allows circulation around your neck.

Don’t want to go short? Not to worry, try braiding your wig to the side to allow air circulation. You can also try a simple up-do to increase air circulation.

  1. Maintain Your Wig and Wash it Regularly

During the summer you are more prone to excessive sweating, which means oils can get clogged in your scalp and the hair stands of your wig. Summer means extra washing for your wigs, but not too much. Washing about once a month during the summer will keep your wig clean without causing damage to the hair fibers.

The temperatures may continue to rise, but as long as you reduce that oil buildup by cleaning your wigs regularly, you can ensure that you will feel much more confident and comfortable.

  1. Try Wearing Lighter Colors

Imagine how you feel wearing black during the summer? Even the people who only have black in their closet won’t even dare walk out of the house like that. The truth is, darker colors attract more heat and light. This summer switch it up and try some lighter colors.

Lighter colored wigs won’t absorb as much heat from the sun, and they can be used to create amusing looks, especially if you are experimenting with color! Put the black wigs down. Don’t do it to yourself. Try something new, different and out of your comfort zone.

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