Do you guys have ever messed up a fake scalp wig? Since once you mess up that one part of that fake scalp wig you might just throw the whole wig away Fake scalp wig has the diamond type of neeting up under the fake scalp part of it, it just a protective layer for the fake scalp so you won't have to worry about messing up that fake scalp partof your wig because they have designed the new diamond that method! It's already have the invisible knot method and preplucked hairline, it have deep 6 inch parting space.This wig just already for you. It's very beginner-friendly!

Wig in the video:

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Afsisterwig’s diamond fake scalp wig:

Fake Scalp + Extra Diamond Lace SOFT | NO WEAR | NO TEAR

This wig comes with a fake scalp constructed and the extra delicate dimiond net to protect the fake scalp cap and harmless to your natural hair, which is also breathable and more comfortable.

6 INCH Deep Parting Space

Natural Looking Pre Plucked Hairline

Four Combs (Front*1& Sides*2&Back*1)

With Adjustable Strap At Back

INVISIBLE KNOT: A new knotting method will create the most undetectable look, the hair just looks like growing from your real scalp.

Wig sku: AF0150

Hair length: 14"

Hair density: 150%

Cap size: Medium 22.5

Cap construction: 13X6 lace front 

Customer review:

I LOVE THIS WIG! I wore this wig for a whole month,  I wore this wig when I was in London I wore this wig when I was in Paris, I wore that wig even when I was swimming in the ocean, this wig held up!! I just really really really love afsisterwig!


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