How to Thin out a Thick Lace Wig

Have you ever been get a wig that is really thick and really dense around the hairline? The hairline is not looking as natural as you want .Afsister will show you step by step on how to change this situation.

1.You need a very good pair of tweezers.Don’t wet the hair on the wig because you needto see excatly where you will be plucking the hair.

2.Go in where the hair first then teeeze but to see exactly how much hair to take out

3.The way that you thin out your wig is do it in sections, the best method is to start off on the sides and then do the sides of the hairline

4.Don’t just parts one or two parts on the area that you’re supposed to be plucking. Because the wig is too dense ,you will probably have to maybe part the hair about three four times and go in and pluck all the hairs out.

5.Do the same process and keeping plucking until you see the hairline look as natural as you want.

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