How to sew a fake scalp yourself ?



①The first thing is take this and fold it into three layers,now you can use two layers however many layes you want,this is just going to depend on how thick you want.

②Now you want to pin that material over top of the wig and then begin to sew.

③Then did start at the rim here on the lace and go all the way around however you want to start right at the ear tab areas when sewing down this material .So make sure you start there and go around that band that’s on the inside of the wig.

④So now at the end of the wig,just going to go adhead and tie a knot and cut it off.

⑤Finally is cutting away the extra material and all you do is go around as close as you can to that thread without cutting the threads and cutting if off.When you get to the front,please going to use these shears because they have a zigzag motion.It will looks more naturally.


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Length: 14 inch

Density: 150%


How to sew a fake scalp yourself ?

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 How to sew a fake scalp yourself ?

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