How To Make Your Hair Thicker?

1.Avoid Putting Things In You That Will Weaken Your Hair

One key thing is smoking. Everyone knows that it can affect the skin, making you look pasty and older than you are. But it can also affect the hair. People who smoke have thinner and weaker hair. It can choke off and kill their hair follicles more quickly.

The second thing to look at is your general diet. If you are not getting the right nourishment, especially the right vitamins and minerals, then your hair will not be as strong and vibrant as it could be.


2.Relax, Sleep & Exercise For Thicker Hair

Stress and anxiety can affect the strength, thickness, and volume of our hair. In extreme cases, stress can cause alopecia. So making sure you try and address the causes of stress and anxiety in your life will help to protect your hair.

And while you are laying awake worrying about your hair, you are not getting enough sleep. You should be looking to get the recommended number of hours of proper sleep each night, for an adult around seven hours, so that your body can regenerate, which includes nourishing your hair and strengthening your hair follicles.