How to make a 7x7 closure wig

  1. Taking the begining of the closure ,starting on the side and then sewing it all around ,I am gonna do the same thing by sewing it on the actual elastic band.
  2. Go ahead and taking the closure and putting it in a bun.
  3. when it comes to the wefts,we are not going to sew that on the elastic band ,because that’s gonna take away from the streth.
  4. put it right above the elastic band and also put it about two inches away from your closure
  5. go head and do double knots,just to secure the wig,since we do not want to take away from the elasticity of the wig so we want to make sure that you were sewing the ear tracks above the elastic band.
  6. I am gonna to go ahead when I get closer to the closure as you guys can see this is what I am gonna start to cut the weft and then sew through the weft and through the closure to the connect both of them,because you do not want a negative space.
  7. We are going to be cutting the wefts ,not doing double only doing single and just doing that all the way up until you get to the top.
  8. Then you will get a nice and neatly secured wig .




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