Preparatory work:

  1. A wig cap that suit for your scalp
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. Some thread and also a needle
  4. Some powder loose that matches your scalp color
  5. A brush

  The first thing we are going to do that take this wig cap and I am going to remove the bulkiness of this cap since this part of the cap usually is the one that shows through the lace really badly ,so you do not want that ,so we are just going to cut that right on off.

  It is going to be best to work this on a wig head,so I have a foam wig head here,what you are going to do is take that wig cap that you cut and place it over top of the front part of the lace ,we are going to cover the whole front believe just a little bit uncovered.

  Streching the cap to make sure it’s nice and tight and then I am going to pin it with one of these wig pins to secure it for now,streching out that cap a little bit more, I am going to pull it and I am going to begin to sew that cap right on that edge where the comb is,not on the lace ,and the reason why I am applying this over top of the lace is because this is going to hide those grits and act as a scalp under the wig .I am also sewing it right on that little tab you can see right underneath the wig cap,but I am not sewing on the lace at all.

   Now as you can see,the cap is rolling from the front, we are going to fix that in just one second,I am going to skip ahead a little bit and we are going to place the cap and the wig right back on the foamhead and as you can see that separation there that’s what you do not want ,so what I am going to do is take that powder that matches my scalp color and my brush, I am going to dip my brush in a little bit water to kind of get it nice and moist and make the pigment of the powder a little bit more intense and then I am going to be applying the powder down the parts and anywhere that the lace is going to show that separation from that cap.

   I am going to pull the wig cap down to the front of the lace ,close to the front of the cap but not all the way down because you don’t want it to be too far down cause then you will see a separation,you want to leave just a little bit of lace, I am going to apply that glue over top and this is going to temporarily hold this in place ,I am going to dry it with my dryer and now this gel does wash off so when you do wash your wig ,it will wash away .



Wig link : 

Length:12 inches


Cap construction:Full lace wig


Customer review:


“The product had no smell whatsoever, soft to the touch, the lace was not grey something that I was scared of. Recommend, I love it”