How to Care for Your Long Curly Hair?

Shampoo Your Hair Twice a Week

For long curly hair, you should not shampoo your hair every day. Shampooing every day can dry your hair out and it will look frizzier. Shampoo your hair two times a week only. Shampoo can cause tangles. You can brush your hair gently to avoid damaging the hair.

Less is More

For long curly hair, it is important that you know which product you should use and how much. The right amount of product is less than you think. Apply the product on damped hair and never on dry hair.

Detangle Your Long Curls

A wide-tooth comb or your fingers are the best detangling tools. When you’re detangling, start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up the length. If you run the comb through from scalp to the ends, it will cause the comb to get stuck in the hair. It might take some extra time to detangle your long curly hair more carefully, but it is worth it to help get long, healthy hair.

Protect Your Hair at Night

Sleep on satin or silk pillowcases because they cause less frizz and breakage than cotton pillowcases. We also recommend wrapping your hair in a “pineapple.” The combo helps prevent hair from tangling during the night, which can cause breakage. If hair is feeling particularly dry, use a small amount of moisturizing cream or use a moisturizing spray before bed.

Managing your long curly hair is easy if you know how. The above tips will help you achieve healthy and shiny long curly hair. Don’t be discouraged if you have curly hair, you can actually look good with it if you know how to manage it properly.