How to Apply a Small Wig on a Larger Head ?


How to Apply a Small Wig on a Larger Head ?

  1. Used some got to be water spary on the edges to protect the edges.
  2. Used glue for this application about two times, and dry it with cold air from dryer.
  3. Cutting the lace behind the ears,it is the way to get more space to pull the lace.
  4. Paying the attention to the lace,because it will actually start lifting on you
  5. Left the small lace out to project her hair than to be playing with the glue and everything on her edges.
  6. Using the alcohol to clean the glue on the edges and cover with the foundation.
  7. Cut some baby hairs to hid the lace in the front.Then spray some mousse and try to make is flat.





Code number :Pomo12

Hair length: 22"

Hair density: 180%

Cap size: Medium 22.5

Cap construction: 13X6 lace front


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How to Apply a Small Wig on a Larger Head ?How to Apply a Small Wig on a Larger Head ?

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