History of Hair Extensions in Europe and America

In Europe and the United States, powder wigs have been a trend in the 18th century. The powder wig is a white wig that is mostly designed with curls and waves. It is called Perukes and represents a person's identity.


It is believed that when a king named Louis began to turn to bald, he began to use powder wigs. Because of fear of being considered a weak king, King Louis tried to cover his head with the Peruvians, so people would not see him bald. Committed to their king, people began to follow him and wear Perukes. That was when men and women started using Perukes.

However, some people think that the real history of using Perukes is different. Some people think that the real birth of powder wigs is due to a chronic chronic bacterial disease called syphilis in Europe. This disease is the most serious problem, making many hospitals in London busy. The victim has a severe rash, blindness, and the most serious is baldness. In that particular era, hair was a big problem. It symbolizes the level and state. It is a big problem to have to go bald. At that time people began to maintain their reputation by pretending that they still had healthy hair and wearing a powdery white wig called Perukes.