Finding a Halloween costume that matches your beauty is always the most frustrating aspect of bringing together epics. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money or time to complete it. Afsisterwig will share with you the best hairstyle for your Halloween celebrations!!

1.Marie Antoinette


If you have a teasing comb and a lot of hairsprays, you can totally achieve sky-high volume like this. Add some ringlets and a few hair accessories, and you're ready for the ball.

2.The Pumpkin Bun


For a super cute, kid-friendly look. To create the look, she pulled the hair up into a perfect ballerina bun, used a temporary orange-colored hair-spray to color the pumpkin, and added a leaf hairpiece at the base of the bun to create the illusion of a pumpkin stem. This is done on straight hair, but you can try this one on a variety of textures.



If you have naturally big, textured or Malaysian curly hair, the lioness look is totally fierce and easy to accomplish. Add some cat ears and make up a model makeup, and you’ll be good to go.

4.Zombie Hair


This bridal hairstyle takes a dark turn when it’s a zombie bride. Get the undead vibe with haunting makeup and a messy side braid. If you’re a pro at braiding hair, this is a Halloween hairstyle to consider—plus, it’ll give you gorgeous Brazilian wavy hair the morning after.

5.Alien Hair: Galactic Girl


For a Halloween hairstyle that’s out of this world, channel your best alien and go for a hairstyle that’s creative and wild. After all, there’s no better moment to do so. The trick to creating this oversized, curly faux hawk is making your curls as big as possible.

6.Medusa Hair


This is a great last-minute Halloween look. Have a white dress? Gold jewelry? You’re more than halfway there. Stick some braids and snakes on your head, and you’ll be good to go.

7.Braided Cat Ears


When a simple hairstyle can be the anchor of your entire costume, well that’s when you know you’ve found something special. Grab some pipe cleaner and some basic braiding skills and poof! You’re the cat’s meow.

8.Spider Bun


Really, the spider is doing all the work here. Still, keeping your bun off-center looks unexpected and a little weird—which is exactly what you want in a Halloween hairstyle. First, part your hair in the center, and then gather your hair in a high bun. Pin your spider on the side of the bun, swipe on your darkest lipstick, and get ready to impress.