AFSISTERWIG Review 💚Pink Wig💙

"It's not about fitting in, it's about standing out"


This is the review of Youtuber Marphine:

This cute pink wig called Clara and when I put it on damn she is really cute, I really never seen myself in pink hair like this.
She is very shiny very silky very smooth, the quality is extremely nice, and it actually does fit my head very well, it does have baby hairs in the front.
The price of this hair is $219.99 which honestly it is a reasonable price, I have seen cheap synthetic hair go for cheap price but this is an human hair wig and for $219 that’s an amazing price for a human hair wig. I usually don’t really rock a lot of human hair but I do have two human hair wigs, and this one is not heavy she is so light.
If you wear wigs every single day I really do recommend like investing in a human hair wig because they do last longer than synthetic wigs.
I absolutely love this hair I love the color I love how it feels, I 100% recommend this hair, for the price I think the price is really amazing for human hair wigs, I think it’s absolutely worth it .